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Progressive Party, 2015

Progressive Party, 2015

Sponsors of the Arts Council of the Valley (ACV) bring our nonprofit one step closer to providing every citizen of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County consistent access to affordable and high-quality theater, music, films, and special events.

Sponsors can support one of four ACV projects:

  • First Fridays Downtown
    • Support one year of ACV's community First Fridays Downtown events
  • Art Series
    • Support one individual Smith House Galleries Opening Artist Reception during First Fridays Downtown
  • Court Square Theater Music Series
    • Support one year of ACV's Court Square Theater Music Series concerts
  • Concert
    • Support one individual concert in ACV's Court Square Theater Music Series
    • Progressive Party
      • Support ACV's annual fundraiser

    Sponsorships begin at $250 and include the following benefits: