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Nickels & Wiener Improv Show at Court Square Theater!


  • Doors at 7:30pm
  • Show at 8:00pm


  • $7.00 in Advance/$9.00 Day of Show

Come see Nickels & Wiener improv your MIND at our Fall show! Bring your friends! Tell everyone you know!

NOTE: There's generally adult content at these shows!

About Nickels & Wiener:

Nickels and Wiener is the most popular improv comedy duo since Nick Nolte. The country is buzzing with anticipation and, yes, fear at what these improv freaks will do next. More live shows? Another tour of federal prisons? Playing "choppee chop" with members of the government? Painting weasels and selling them on the streets as "Pweasels"? Who knows where they’ll show up next?




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