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Hispanic Film Festival - "Carpinteros"


  • Wed, Sept. 27th at 9:30pm
  • Sun, Oct. 1st at 7:00pm


  • Adult: $9.50
  • Senior: $8.50
  • Matinee (Before 5:00): $8.00
  • Student: $5.00
  • Members get 20% off and Free Popcorn!

Sponsored by the JMU Latin American & Caribbean Committee

Tall, dark, and handsome, Julián steps off a bus, hands over his clothes, gets his long curly locks chopped off, and becomes fresh meat walking inside the Najayo Prison in the Dominican Republic. He locates his cell block underneath the moist corner where the Woodpeckers perch. Woodpeckers—prisoners who romance ladies incarcerated at the women’s prison 150 meters across the way—spend their days in affectionate conversation with their lovers through sign language. When Julián encounters Yanelly, a gorgeous spitfire of a woman, he finds love in the last place he imagined. Now he must find a way, through cement, barbed wire, dozens of guards, and murderous exes to win Yanelly’s love, all the while keeping it secret.

Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Min
Country: Dominican Republic
Director: José María Cabral

Awarded FEISAL Award
Awarded Mayahuel Award for Best Actor (Jean Jean)
Awarded Special Jury Award by Ibero-American Jury

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