2017-18 Court Square Theater Members

Household Members


Individual Members

Michael and Violet Allain

Steven Benner

Blue Ridge Community College

Lynne and Joy Boardman

Gene and Chris Bowlen

Marcia and Larry Brown

Burton and Mary Buller

Ron and Melaine Copeland

Vicki Dull and Douglas Penn

Joan and Rich Eberly

Diane and Ronald Elliott

Joseph and Diana Enedy

Cyndi and Dan Everard

Wick Fary

Annette Federico and Charles Dotas

Brent Finnegan and Katherine Yoder

Frank and Jean Gearing

Lynda and George Gibbs

Patricia and Harry Glenn

Kim Hafner

Donna and Randy Harper

Patricia and Mike Harrison

Beth and Stuart Harter

Elizabeth and Martin Hayduk

Timothy and Ruth Jost

Jesse and Alice Lee Hopkins

Jeffrey and Marilyn Lebowitz

Pat and Anne Lintner

Alden and Louise Hostetter

Arnold Kahn

Lynn Smith and Mike Kendall

Fred and Rosalyn Myers Kniss

Phil and Irene Kniss

William and Carole Kreowski

Patricia and Jeffrey Landis

Gretchen Nyce and LaDene King

Seth Liskey and Anh Nguyen

Mary Lou and Chalice McMillin

Vern and Mary Jane Michael

Terri and Robbie Miller

Barbara and Gil Moore

Lynn and Alan Morgan

Tracy Bailie Mullins

Erin Murray and Colleen Kivley

Sam Nickels and Cindy Hunter

Bob Nutt and Mary Beirne Nutt

Thomas and Ruth Oates

Trish Philon

Judith Potepan-McCarty and David McCarty

Sandra and A. Lawrence Rose

Kim and Ken Rutherford

Eric and Jayne Rynar

Brad and Jayne Schlabach

Mary Anne and Kirk Shisler

Stuart and Shirley Showalter

Ann and Mark Siciliano

Barbara Simonetti

Andrew and Myra Sneed

Charles and Cathy Strickler

Nicholas Swartz

Harold and Faye Teer

John and Terri Thelin

Phil and Tina Updike

Ron and Brandi Vinsant

Deborah Warnaar and Brian Bauer

Terry and Jennifer Whitmore

Kathy and Larry Whitten

Arlene and David Wiens

Cinch and Stephanie Wollerton

Chet and Miriam Young

Rowan Zeiss

Kevin Zook and Kara Westerbeek