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The 24 Hour Project

Harrisonburg, VA’s Court Square Theater is proud to announce the second annual “24 Hour Project”. The 24 Hour Project is a unique event that will take place from 5:00 pm, January 23rd until 5:00 PM, January 24th of 2015. Featuring music, drama, comedy, dance, poetry, workshops, and many other forms of performance art, the event is a celebration of community and collaboration through a non-stop, 24-hour run of performances by artists both local and broad. Anyone interested in performing at this event is encouraged to do so!


The event will start Friday, January 23rd of 2015 at 5:00 PM and end on Saturday, January 24th at 5:00 PM. Yes, we will be there the entire time.


Because we’re celebrating live theater, community and collaborative creativity. Because we want to show the world what this theater and this town can do. Because we want to give Harrisonburg the opportunity to support its local theater and artists. Because we work well under pressure. And because it’s going to be fun!


Your local art house, Court Square Theater, located at 41-F Court Square in Harrisonburg, VA. We’re in the same building as Capital Ale House and Downtown Wine & Gourmet. We’re also next door to the Artful Dodger.

How do I get involved?

Here are some options:

1. Apply to perform. Performers who are chosen will get a free ticket to the whole event.

2. Apply to volunteer. Volunteers will also get a free ticket to the whole event, as well as score some major karma points.

3. Buy a ticket for just $10.00! Tell your friends! Post about it on Facebook! Tweet it!

4. Become a sponsor.  Pay $100.00 for a reserved seat. This means we’ll save you a seat, even if we reach capacity. You’ll still have your spot, front and center! There are no caps on how many sponsor seats you can buy, so go nuts! Buy one for each member of your family or business! And, you will be personally thanked in our program, from the stage, and on our website.

How does it work?

For all of those who will not be performing, volunteering, or becoming a donor, the ticket system works this way: wristbands will be sold for $10. Wear it … don’t take it off! The wristband acts as your ticket to get into the theater. Come and go as you please, but it’s first come, first serve for seats. So, if the theater hits capacity, you’ll have to wait until someone leaves. The programs will list all of the performances and times, so get there early for the shows you really want to see!

 More questions? Shoot us an email at