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Welcome to the information page for Court Square Theater’s 24 Hour Project. If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, please email us at

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5:00 PM – Mike Weaver Welcome
5:15 PM – The Clymer Kurtz Band
5:45 PM – Paul Bogard
6:00 PM – Erica Cavanagh
6:15 PM – Samar Fitzgerald
6:30 PM – Jay Varner
6:45 PM – Maddy Night Live
7:15 PM – Mary Ruberry
7:30 PM – JMU French Horn Society
8:00 PM – Angela Carter*
8:15 PM – Bourbon Barrel Congress
8:45 PM – Luke Gibson*
9:00 PM – Dead Professional
9:30 PM – Ivan Christo*
9:45 PM – Medicine Calf
10:30 PM – Crab Action*
11:15 PM – Jaguardini
12:00 AM – Buck Gooter*
12:30 AM – Vulgar*
12:45 AM – Morta*
1:30 AM – Big Mouth Billy & Bass*
2:00 AM – Fayo & Barkley
3:00 AM – Trip Madison Film
3:15 AM – “Tree Hugger” Film
3:45 AM – “For Every Action” Film
4:15 AM – Paul Somers
4:30 AM – No Strings Attached*
5:30 AM – JMU Experimental Theater*
6:00 AM – “Elysium Bridge” Film
6:40 AM – Classical Flute Duet
7:00 AM – Eric Blumenson
7:30 AM – A. Logan Hill
8:00 AM – Christopher Feltner
8:15 AM – Shenandoah Contemporary Dance Theater
8:30 AM – Our Glorious Cause Musical Selections
9:00 AM – Tim Wagner
9:30 AM – Friendly City Hoolahoop Workshop
10:15 AM – J. Indigo Eriksen
10:45 AM – David Nahm
11:00 AM – New & Improv’d*
11:30 PM – Jay Zehr
12:00 PM – Three Brohers, Capital Ale House, & Harrisonburg Home Brew: Home Brewing Basics
12:45 PM – Alice Wheeler: Midwives & Doulas Talk
1:00 PM – Mike Hudson
1:30 PM – Shekinah
2:00 PM – Atoka Chase
2:30 PM – Kipyn Martin
3:15 PM – Ears to the Ground Family
4:15 PM – Chris Howdyshell/Closing

*May contain adult language/content


A. Logan Hill: Your guess is as good as mine / but there might be music.

Alice Wheeler will be describing her work as a doula in the area, and what extra labor support can look like. She will also discuss the doula collective that is forming in Harrisonburg and how that will help to better support birth workers, as well families striving for an empowering and informed birth experience.

Angela Carter*: Author of forthcoming poetry book, Memory Chose a Women’s Body, performs spoken word on the subjects we choose not to talk about, and proves that silence is not golden.

Atoka Chase is a road. Atoka Chase is a duo. Atoka Chase is the place you find yourself after drinking just enough whiskey to realize you’ve been conversing with the Devil.

Bourbon Barrel Congress was born out of a decades old bluegrass jam at a burger and beer joint in a small Virginia town where the quintet met. They conjure a sound that blurs the lines between bluegrass, old-time, folk and country music, that is familiar and fresh, old and at the same time new.

Big Mouth Billy & Bass*: From a member of Buck Gooter comes a multimedia performance of heavy electronic noise along with projections.


Chris Howdyshell: Have you ever wanted to feel good all day? But the kind of good that isn’t overwhelming or fake, the kind of good you get from a hot shower? Chris wants that too. Let’s try together. Let’s take a shower… Together.

Christopher Feltner* cut his teeth playing in various bands before devoting himself to the path of sonic experimentation. Feltner has used noise synths, effects pedals, voice, breath, throat noises, plastic and metal objects, didgeridoo, microphones, guitars, shakers, samples, and vibrators in performance.

Classical Flute Duet: Emily McGlone and Chantel Bass perform a flute duet with classical and modern pieces.

The Clymer Kurtz Band: All original folk-rock from Rockingham County.

Crab Action* is everyone’s favorite corpse paint rockin’ party band. Hailing from the Planet Pluto, they play a combination of hardcore punk rock, heavy metal, and space opera that is loud, fast and vulgar, yet surprisingly melodic and occasionally uplifting.

David Connerly Nahm will be reading from his novel Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky (forthcoming in August). In the making for 15 years, the novel is about a woman coming to terms with the childhood disappearance of her brother and the strange poetry of small town life.

Dead Professional is the newish solo project of the Cinnamon Band’s John Harouff who specializes in ultra minimalist power pop song-craft. Using simple drum loops and a pair of vocal processors, he brings the clean streamlined sound of his recordings to the stage whether playing alone or with other instrumentalists.

Ears to the Ground Family: A minimal, acoustic group; with guitar, hand percussion, and banjo. They have a serious focus on lyrical content and sometimes achieve a chilling vocal harmony. Their tunes draw from R&B, spiritual, soul, folk/americana, chant, hip-hop and jazz.

Elwood “Trip” Madison presents Film.

“Elysium Bridge”: A JMU School of Media Arts and Design film.

Eric Blumensen: Retirement planning for Eternity minus the free dinner and variable annuity presentation. A backdoor guide to the afterlife, both upper and lower, that provides the soon to be departed with information about little known customs, features, the best footwear for fiery pits, etc.

Erica Cavanagh‘s nonfiction stories have appeared in The Missouri Review, The Iowa Review, The North American Review, Gastronomica, and elsewhere. She teaches creative nonfiction and food studies at JMU and will be reading from her memoir in progress.

FAYO & Barkley: Dance music connoisseurs, amateur soccer players and whiskey aficionados; playing a B2B set of deep house cuts and vibey bass tracks perfect for a 2AM DJ set. Accompanied by large scale geometric projections provided by Barkley and the Internet.

“For Every Action”: Suppressed psychological and emotional distress haunts a young woman as she struggles to cope with a faltering sense of reality.

Friendly City Hoops: An intro to hoop dance!  Come learn how to improve your hooping at the waist, and even add in some different moves you didn’t know you could do!  We’ll be trying some off the body hooping as well, and attempting some transitional moves between waist hooping and off-body hooping.  It’s a lesson for anyone willing! No previous experience required.  Hula hoops will be provided, but please bring one along if you have one at home!

Ivan Christo* presents his stand-up comedy.

Jaguardini: A gameboy, synthesizers, and a guitar with oil projections, digital projections, and shadow dancing. Multimedia interwoven to create a marriage of analog and digital sights and sounds.

Jamee Indigo Eriksen is an English Instructor at Blue Ridge Community College and a local poet. Her performance will include themes of Latin America, Social Justice, Geography, and Autobiography.

Jay Varner teaches at JMU. He’s reading from “Writing to My Family,” an essay examining the fallout from writing Nothing Left to Burn, his 2010 memoir about his father, a volunteer fire chief, and his grandfather, a serial arsonist.

Jay Zehr presents his own sketch comedy.

JMU Experimental Theater: Inspired by experimental groups such as Elevator Repair Service, The Wooster Group, and The Civilians, we generate material from things that excite, concern, or interest us in our daily lives. Currently, we are exploring certain themes through the interview process and documentary drama.

JMU Horn Society, consisting of music-majors and non-majors, will present a diverse program of music originally composed or arranged for large French horn ensemble. Directed by Ian Zook.

Kipyn Martin: With a soul nurtured by the Shenandoah River, Kipyn Martin couples simple truth with uncomplicated melody. Exhaling one phrase with gentle lyricism, and the next, growling with guttural honesty, hers is an authentic singer/songwriter voice which can currently be heard throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Luke Gibson* and friends present 15 minutes of comedy, poetry, uncomfortable silence*, and a quest to find the true meaning of Christmas*. (*May not be featured.)

Maddy Night Live: JMU’s sketch comedy troupe.

Mary Ruberry: Performance poetry by actress Mary Ruberry.

Medicine Calf: A two-piece whose sound ranges from “freak folk” to “jazz” to “punk rock”, an experimental adventure. We hope you can join us on this spiritual exploration. How?

Mike Hudson: A guy you haven’t heard of, plays songs on the piano that you haven’t heard, in ways you haven’t heard.

Morta*: High energy metal band from the backwoods of Verona.

New and Improv’d*: JMU’s premier improv comedy troupe.

No Strings Attached:* A Harrisonburg-based improv comedy troupe that performs for fun and for charity. We act, we sing, and we make you laugh. We’re always working on new ways to entertain both our audiences as well as ourselves.

Paul Bogard is author of The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light (Little, Brown, 2013). Paul is an assistant professor at JMU, where he teaches creative writing and environmental literature. Paul will be reading rom his new romance novel, “Once a Shy Stallion.”

Paul Somers: Esteemed local poet presents his latest work.

Samar Fitzgerald‘s fiction has appeared in the 2013 PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories, New England Review, The Southern Review, and elsewhere. She teaches creative writing at JMU and will be reading an excerpt from a novel in progress.

Shekinah is a women’s a capella group with Americana, folk, international, and choral influences.

Three Brothers Brewing: A discussion of brewing basics and methods followed by a question and answer session with Adam Shifflett from Three Brothers Brewing, Adam Brenneis from Capital Ale House, and the Harrisonburg Homebrew Club. Bring questions about beer styles, process, history, enjoyment, cellaring tips, etc!

“Tree Hugger”: A JMU SMAD student film. The story of a man who fell in love with a tree.

Vulgar*: Harrisonburg hard-garage rock.

*May contain adult language/content



The 24 Hour Project is a festival that will take place at Court Square Theater combining drama, comedy, music, dance, spoken word, and many other performance art forms. Not just a fundraiser for your local theater, but a showcase of everything the theater and the town as to offer. $10 gets you a ticket to 24 hours of non-stop entertainment.


progressive party for web 191 The 24 Hour ProjectThe festival will start Friday, January 24, 2014 at 5:00 PM and end Saturday, January 25 at 5:00 PM. Yes, we’ll be there at 4:00 AM.


Because we’re celebrating live theater, community and collaborative creativity. Because we want to show the world what this theater and this town can do. Because we want to give Harrisonburg the opportunity to support its local theater and artists. Because we work well under pressure. And because it’s going to be fun!

P10509331 The 24 Hour Project


Seriously?! Your local art house, Court Square Theater! We’re at 41-F Court Square in Harrisonburg. We’re in the same building as Capital Ale House and Downtown Wine & Gourmet. We’re also next door to the Artful Dodger.

How do I get involved?

So glad you asked! Here are some options:

1. Apply to perform. Performers who are chosen will get a free ticket to the whole event.

2. Apply to volunteer. Volunteers will also get a free ticket to the whole event, as well as score major karma points.

3. Buy a ticket for $10! Tell your friends! Post about it on Facebook! Tweet it!

4. Become a sponsor.  Pay $100 for a reserved seat. This means we’ll save you a seat no matter if the house is at capacity and we aren’t letting other people in. You’ll still have a spot, front and center! There are no caps on how many sponsor seats you can buy, so go nuts! Buy one for each member of your family or business! And, you will be personally thanked in our program, from stage, and this website.

Our Current Sponsors: Tiller Strings

progressive party for web.crop 176 The 24 Hour Project

How does it work?

For all those folks who will not be performing, volunteering, or becoming a donor, the ticket system works this way: wristbands will be sold for $10. Wear it–don’t take it off! The wristband acts as your ticket to get into the theater. Come and go as you please! But it’s first come, first serve for seats, so if the theater hits capacity, you’ll have to wait until someone leaves. The programs will list all the performances and times, so get there early for the shows you really want to see!

Can I bring my lunch?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow outside food or drinks in the theater. However, our concessions stand offers craft beer, red & white wine, popcorn, candy, nuts, sodas, juice, tea, and coffee, which you may enjoy inside the theater!


More questions? Shoot us an email at