Festival Dates: 5pm Friday (4/12/19) - 5pm Saturday (4/13/19)

Performer Applications Due:

Volunteer Applications Due:

It’s time to gear up, mic up, plug in, and re-evaluate your idea of an early morning for The 24 Hour Project 2019! In the past, the 24 Hour Project has been a perfect stage for our town's performers, musicians, comedians, demonstrators, etc.  We would be nowhere without our artistically diverse community.  This is our opportunity to showcase them, and for them to help us.


That’s right! It’s fundraising time. If you have ever attended a 24 Hour Project in the past, you are well-aware that it is a unique, one-of-a-kind event that lasts a full 24 Hours! Entertainment ranging from music, comedy, juggling, acting, improvisation, short film series, late-night talk shows, early morning activities, and more!


If you, yes YOU, are interested in performing on our stage, please click the link below labeled “Performer Applications” to download & fill out the digital Adobe form. Please submit all applications to


We are incredibly reliant on volunteer support at Court Square Theater! There are several ways to be involved in this event, from checking wrist bands at the door, to ushering, to working backstage to help retain a smooth, infallible course of events. Any back stage experience is definitely a plus, and we need volunteers throughout this whole festival! Volunteering earns you a free wristband to the whole show, a worthwhile investment, if you ask us!

If you are interested in volunteering, please click the link below to download & fill out the digital Adobe form. Please submit all applications to

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  • $20/person